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The whole session is tailored to your needs.  Whether de-stress relaxing, deep tissue, or sports stretching, I have specific protocols for stress relief, TMJ, rotator cuff issues, lower back pain, plantar fascitis, prenatal, cricks in the neck, etc., that effectively address your needs, thanks to 20+ years of on the job experience I have a protocol for most conditions.

FYI, I do not work on kids under the age of 18.

Everyone has different needs for different days
Any service you choose can be tailored at time of service
prental irving tx

This service is provided only after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  -Addressing individual areas of tightness are given while staying away from areas contraindicated.  This service is performed side-lying, propped with pillows to make you comfortable, supported and safe.

swedih massage irving

One hour massage, your choice of relaxing light, deep tissue, stretching, TMJ massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Myopractic.

This massage could cover full body or one specific area, its completely up to you, inform your therapist of what you want. For Lymphatic drainage specify when making the appointment on the notes section

stretching massage rom

This service can be a full body massage with a focus on the back or overall body flexibility, it could include stretching if you desire for the obvious hamstrings to glutes, calves, chest, forearms, fingers, neck and shoulders. This session could be very effective in increasing range of motion, its the therapy of choice for most runners, cyclists and for those that hate-to but need-to stretch.  The pressure can be adjusted from light to deep depending on your comfort

Our Rates
1 Hour Massage
1 Hour Prenatal Massage
1.5 Hour Massage
Cash Discount...10$ off 1Hr Massage or 15$ off 1.5Hr Massage
Our Hours       Monday 8am to 7pm
Tuesday 8am to 7pm
Wednesday 8am to 7pm
Thursday 8am to 7pm
Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday ....... Closed
Sunday ....... Closed
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