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Policies and Information

If you wear a wig please remove it when you get undressed, its probably going to come off and get dirty and it is a lot more comfortable for you.

If you are wearing temporary spray-on (dab-on) hair color, please mention it to the therapist, your hair will get messed up and it will permanently stain my sheets.

If you wear a complicated hairstyle like big dreads know that your neck massage may not be able to be completed due to the positioning of a pony tail or hardware in your hair.

If you have a new tatoo wait at least 10 days before getting a massage due to the chance for infection not to mention that it WILL hurt.

Inform therapist of any body implants such as calf implants, leg implants, buttock implants as well as subdermal pain management devices as well as PaceMaker or implanted defibrilator

Lymphatic Drainage:
For post surgical procedures. No lymphatic drainage within two weeks of your procedure, if you have open stiches and oozing fluids, no massage

No massage on any area of the body that has open wounds or raw scratches or blistering sunburns
Any area of the body that has open sores or scratches of any kind, the area will be avoided

Your session begins at your scheduled time, if you are late to your massage session, the session will still end at the scheduled time.

I do not offer packages

If you like what I do and write a 5 Star Google review I'll give you 50% off on your next massage.

Prenatal Massage: Available from 14 weeks of pregnancy until up to your due date

Please no third party appointments (the name on the appointment is the person receiving appointment)

$35 for 1 hour and $50 for 1.5 hour cancellation fee for cancellations of less than 24 hrs

No-show or cancellations within four hours,  Full amount charged of service booked


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